Bad lies golf

Bad lies golf - Whether you are a recreational golfer or a PGA tour hopeful, you have probably heard or read about the Cleveland CG16i Black Pearl irons. These golf clubs have been designed with professionalism and efficiency in mind, and they really stand out among many of their peers in the irons category of golf clubs. The reviews from golfing experts and consumer users have been positive, and golfers are doing what they can to get their hands on these clubs.

CG16i Black Pearl Iron Features

With these golf clubs, each one is longer and lighter than any other club, providing you with maximum distance when taking your shot. The back of the club displays a large cavity with a full undercut. You will notice this when your launch angle improves thanks to the low center of gravity. The large, thin face of the club will increase the ball speed when you hit it, and still give you that tight control you are looking for. You can choose a steel or graphite shaft, and the finish can be either Black Pearl or Satin Chrome.

These clubs feature a precise laser milled face and tour zip grooves that have been specifically milled for the CG16i irons. This is especially useful when you are hitting out of the rough.  The face helps you control the spin and the consistency of your shot making abilities. The club’s design is longer and lighter, improving speeds, increases distances, and helps maintain control. Shots are more consistent and accurate with the thin face and wide sole of the club.

The Hype Created by the Cleveland CG16i Irons

The Cleveland CG16i black pearl irons are hot on the market right now. Those who have had the time to hit them find that the clubs are great at improving shot “zip” and consistency. One golfer stated that with these clubs, he did not have to shorten his swing like he usually needed to with his old set, to create the same spin and accuracy. There is appreciation for the amount of forgiveness you get with these clubs, especially during a mis-hit. Other users liked the modern look and the ease of hitting you get with these clubs. Golfers also liked that these clubs are not as bulky as other irons that have been coming out recently.


The Cleveland CG16i black pearl irons are sleek and lightweight, and they make playing golf easier and more fun. Your shots will be faster, stronger, and more controlled. These irons will improve your distances.  The clubs also interact better than other clubs with the turf, even if you are hitting out of the rough.


The price. Selling for between $699 and $999, these are expensive golf clubs. However, most experts agree; you get what you pay for.

Bad lies golf - The Cleveland CG16i Black Pearl irons are exciting and interesting to say the least. If you get a chance, try them out in your local pro shop. Take them out onto the driving range if you can, and see if they make a difference for you. Chances are, you will find that they swing effortlessly, give you better control, increase speeds, and improve distances overall.


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